Adrian Sas


Adrian Sas is a multimedia artist, photographer, and documentary filmmaker. Her interactive artwork bridges digital and physical realms as it explores the connections between people and place, breaks down barriers to inclusion, and opens access to new worlds by expanding human capacity through Universal Design.

She has exhibited photo/video and installation-based artworks at museums and festivals in the US and abroad including at the BMW Guggenheim Lab, Tribeca Film Festival’s iPlayground, Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Toronto International Film Festival’s digiPlaySpace, Staten Island Children’s Museum, and Miami Filmgate.

Adrian uses photography, video projection, 360° video, LIDAR, generative graphics, and AR/VR in combinations with materials including fabric and found objects, to create interactive, analogue experiences born of digital tools, which are both whimsical and thought-provoking. Her work fosters a culture of global citizenship, communal responsibility and participatory engagement.

At New INC, Adrian is working with museums to leverage medical imaging technologies in creating kinesthetic, educational experiences for their visitors.


Museum Technology