Antya Waegemann

Antya Waegemann

Antya Waegemann is a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary designer re-imagining the aftermath of sexual assault through the re-design of rape kits.

This initiative started as a Master’s thesis in the MFA Products of Design program at the School of Visual Arts titled, When No One Believes You: Redesigning Rape Kits and Responses to Sexual Assault. In the year-long thesis exploration, Antya designed six products, experiences, services and apps that aim to alter the way society responds to sexual assault victims including a speculative over-the-counter rape kit, a 911 sexual assault resource app and a public rape kit exhibition, and is currently working on further prototypes of her designs.

With a background in urban sustainability, policy, and anthropology, she designs holistically with a systems-thinking lens. Her creative practices include visual design, interaction design, experience design, and strategic storytelling. Additionally, she holds a Masters in Corporate Sustainable Innovation from Harvard University and a Bachelors in Urban Environmental Studies from New York University.

She received the 2019 Student Design Award from ICFF NYCxDesign for her rape kit re-designs and will be featured in the 2019 Antenna Design Indaba Grad Show for Dutch Design Week and the 2019 Global Grad Show for Dubai Design Week.


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