Stefani Bardin


Stefani Bardin investigates the influences of corporate culture and industrial food production on our food system and the environment. She works with neuroscientists, biologists, engineers, and gastroenterologists to ground her research in the scientific world. These investigations take the form of immersive and interactive installations and tools for measuring and/or mediating these influences. At NEW INC she’s working on an initiative that partners the New Museum, Rhizome and The James Beard Foundation to support chefs and artists/technologists to work on projects addressing issues around food and climate change.

She is also the CEO of blixt, a fully hosted enterprise SaaS focused entirely on redacting and selectively sharing documents.
The patent pending blixt platform allows users to redact specific information within documents to different recipients easily, quickly and securely and distributes these documents based on granular permissioning and identity management.
blixt allows many people to share many thousands of redacted documents in an organized, trackable and secure fashion.

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