Piyali Sircar, Vi Vu

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Curio-Lab is a female and minority-led transdisciplinary collective curating a peculiar collection of cross-media experimental projects evoking curiosity. Rooted in inquiry, Curio-Lab combines elements of provocation, criticality, aesthetics, and social involvement to share stories and reflections about the world (and imagined realities) in a playful, accessible way.

Vi Vu has a Master’s in Landscape Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and dual degrees in Visual and Environmental Studies and Neurobiology from Harvard University. Her professional experience traverses urban and interior design, placemaking, graphic design, and the visual arts. As the co-creator of Olde City Escape Games in Philadelphia, Vi has been focused on innovating storytelling at the confluence of the interactive and immersive to create resonant experiences connecting broad audiences.

Piyali Sircar has a Master’s in Interaction Design from TU Delft and a Bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania. She is passionate about telling stories to make people question their current realities and wonder whether we are headed towards a desirable future. She is obsessed with food, health and gut microbes. Piyali is currently a Design Research Lead at Bionic, where she helps large enterprises develop empathy for users and validate ideas through rapid prototyping.

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