Frank Melendez


Frank Melendez is the the co-founder, along with Nancy Diniz, of the start-up bioMATTERS. The ethos of bioMATTERS is to promote innovative sustainable and biocircular approaches towards the built environment. We strive to achieve this through novel approaches to design and making that merge biocomposites using upcycled waste with computational design and digital and bio fabrication processes. Our products are designed modeled and tested within a matrix of environmental performance and bioremediation criteria.

Parallel to bioMATTERS, Frank Melendez and Nancy Diniz are partners in Augmented Architectures, a research and design practice developing projects that operate in-between the human body and architectural scale and engage topics pertaining to biotechnology, computational design, digital fabrication, virtual reality, interactive design, and data visualization. We have organized and participated in various symposia and exhibitions, and are the recipients of various grants and awards.