Wendy Brawer


Awareness of local progress toward sustainability will help every city meet the challenges of the climate crisis. Green Map System provides an award-winning iconographic framework and a unique social mapping platform for visualizing assets and shortcomings in the quest for healthier, greener and more equitable home places. With a dynamic community mapping movement impacting 65 countries, Green Map System recently became an open source program, paving the way for new innovation and collaboration.

In addition to producing unique Green Maps that promote inclusive participation and local livability, many Green Mapmakers have developed agencies, enterprises and places that benefit the commons. Take New York City for example, where this solutionary nonprofit is based. Green Map NYC has published 25 unique map editions, branching out with ‘social surge protection’ projects including media, experiences and strategic partnerships for frontline communities.

Recipient of numerous honors, the ever-evolving Green Map System will celebrate its 25th year in 2020.

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