Hannes Bend


Hannes Bend started breathing.ai in 2018 to improve and individualize screen-time and voice interactions with patented “Adaptive Interfaces.”
Breathing.ai uses machine learning/AI and biofeedback and emerged from collaborations with universities since 2014.

Hannes initiated cross-disciplinary neuroscientific research and lead-authored papers such as “Mindful Technologies” (“Best Presentation Award” in the “Well-Being Computing: AI meets Health and Happiness” panel at the AI conference AAAI SS 2016, Stanford University) including research with the lab of Ed Vogel and psychologist Dr. Michael Posner.

Hannes and colleagues have been studying how visual stimuli impact stress levels and XR biofeedback projects to lower heart rate and deepen breathing patterns. The projects “mYnd” with the University Of Oregon, “SEAing Breath” with the University Of Miami and Miami-Dade County, and “JustBreathe” with Wim Hof pioneered heart rate/breathing biofeedback in VR/AR.

Now, Hannes and the breathing.ai team are creating Adaptive Interfaces to integrate into existing hardware and software - for calming technological interactions in every moment.

Hannes loves breathing practices and guides sessions with his weekly Meetup group “Breathe NY,” in offices (Google, WeWorkHQ), (pre)schools, and as a volunteer on Rikers Island since 2014 for the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.