Mary John Frank


Mary John Frank is a New York-based choreographer and filmmaker. She has directed video content for companies including New York City Ballet, Google, and Condé Nast and has worked in executive production roles at film studios including Paramount Vantage and Warner Bros. Her choreography, films, and music video work has been featured on, Nowness, and Refinery 29 and has played at venues including Lincoln Center and the Hammer Museum.

Her work blends elements of modern dance, musical theater, and synchronized swimming formations with symmetrical architecture and set design. The New York Times has described her work as “witty” and “charming” and her work relies on dance, precise blocking, and physical comedy to explore and discuss socially and politically relevant topics. Mary John has also built immersive theater and Virtual Reality experiences. She is interested in how VR and AR can further our storytelling capabilities and how these emerging medias can inform choreographic principles and styles. During her time at New Inc. she hopes to create a musical VR experience and to investigate how dancers and kinesthetically aware humans can contribute to and participate in the creation of new technologies, cameras, and interfaces.

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