Rebecca Hui


Rebecca Hui is a designer, social entrepreneur, and urban planner who has spent 8 years working in the rural creative sector. She is the founder of Roots Studio, which digitizes thousands of endangered art from tribal communities into an online library for royalty licensing. They seek to reverse appropriation into celebration, and reclaim authorship for minority voices by averaging a 5 - 20x return from the original selling price. Roots Studio has been recognized by Forbes 30 under 30, PBS, The Guardian, Echoing Green, The Unreasonable Institute, TechCrunch, WGSN, MIT Tech Review, and Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Rebecca also works with the World Bank on cultural restoration for post-disaster regions, and previously designed maps to plan and predict urbanizing villages. Rebecca started her journey as a Fulbright Scholar and National Geographic Explorer who followed cows and other wildlife to understand human-animal conflict. She studied urban planning at MIT, and business administration and architecture at UC Berkeley.

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