Tony Patrick


Tony Patrick is a WorldBuilder, Immersive director, and founder of the Tenfold Gaming Initiative.

As an author/director of numerous screenplays, short films, and documentaries (HBO, Cinemax, and the CBC) in conjunction with a series of published comics under his belt (Batman & The Signal, X'ed), Tony's penchant for creating fictional and immersive worlds catapulted him into future-facing residencies sponsored by Sundance New Frontier, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Verizon 5G, Ryot, and IFP.

When he's not advocating for underrepresented students to embark on game design/tech careers through the Tenfold Gaming Initiative (TGI), he's generating new artworks, prototypes, and civic solutions in his Community-WorldBuilding workshops with artists, entrepreneurs, and communities-at-large.

His current XR project 'WHITEPAPER' serves as the basis for a new XR format termed Experiential comics.

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