Sisa Bueno


Vuevelo is an interactive AR platform that gives extra media content for featured works of art in real time as an enhanced curated experience. The Vuevelo team is comprised of Founder Sisa Bueno, AR Developer Richard Lapham, UX Designer Maria Fang, and Product Manager Maximo Sica. Partners with Vuevelo include New Museum/New Inc, FIU-Wolfsonian, FIU-College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts, and Perez Art Museum Miami.

Working for over fifteen years in the documentary film industry, Sisa Bueno is passionate about empowering people by providing them with an easy way to achieve a greater understanding. Combined with her love for arts exhibitions and her experimentation with VR and AR technology during her studies at ITP-NYU, she conceptualized and founded the Vuevelo platform to fulfill an existing need for art lovers seeking more vetted information about the works that they love straight from the creators/curators themselves.

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