Keith Kirkland


WearWorks is a haptic design company that builds products and experiences that communicate information through touch. Their first product, WAYBAND™, is a wrist-wearable haptic navigation device for the blind and visually impaired. And, in 2017, it was used to help the first person who is blind run in the NYC marathon without sighted assistance.

Keith Kirkland is Cofounder of WearWorks and serves as the Head of Haptics and Customer Success. He has worked with organizations ranging from the MET Museum, The Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, The DAHRC, Unilever, Futureworks, Discovery Channel, TED, Dropbox, The Yokohama Government, Coach and the National Science Foundation. He is an engineer and designer that is deeply excited about reimagining the future of touch through design while expanding humans ability to sense their environment.

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