Zhenzhen Qi, Yang Wang


ZZYW is an art collective founded by Yang Wang and Zhenzhen Qi in New York, 2013. It produces software application, installation, and text as instruments to examine the cultural, political and educational imprints of computational objects.

Since 2014, ZZYW has been maintaining a series of educational initiatives with universities and alternative spaces of learning, mining the potential of computation as a mode to express, speculate, and non-reduce. As an independent collective, ZZYW’s work has been exhibited in leading arts and culture institutions as Power Station of Art (Shanghai), the National Museum of China (Beijing), CultureHub (New York), among others.

ZZYW also produces interactive experiences for companies and organizations as a creative agency, with a focus on immersive landscape and alternative video games. Its client commissions have been featured in many museums and galleries around the world.


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