Martin Adolfsson

Martin Adolfsson is a photographer and artist working at the intersection of photography/technology and behavior. By disguising as a potential homebuyer Adolfsson used his camera to document the search for identity among the middle class in eight emerging economies resulting in the book Suburbia Gone Wild with foreword by Joseph Grima. Together with former New Inc member Daniel J Wilson, he created the anti-social media app minutiae which makes it possible for thousands of strangers around the world to participate in a daily ritual of documenting their own ordinary moments. Most recently Adolfsson created Threshold, a camera app that uses Machine Learning to detect visual patterns we might not be aware of. Adolfsson is also a commercial photographer and director with clients including Monocle, Facebook, US Army, Hyatt, BMW, Conde Nast Traveler. His projects have been featured in Wired, Financial Times, The Atlantic, Slate to name a few.

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