Fusing artistic provocation with an entrepreneurial spirit to enable ideas that make culture better.


  • A coworking space designed to encourage collaboration and spark new ideas from the synthesis of different disciplines
  • A museum-led "safe space" for investigating, seeding, and testing provocative creative enterprises
  • Shared resources for developing new ideas, creative projects, and businesses, featuring prototyping tools, community workbench, and classroom
  • An event space and social areas for networking and knowledge exchange


  • A network of mentors and advisors that includes New Museum staff, trustees, and affiliates
  • Monthly critiques with New Museum curatorial staff
  • A program of lectures and workshops with outside experts in art, design, science, business, and technology
  • Financial support via NEW INC Fellowships and subsidies (in development), and connections to potential investors


  • A diverse membership selected to encourage cross-fertilization of ideas, including: artists, designers, technologists, and entrepreneurs
  • Proximity to New Museum programs like IDEAS CITY and affiliates like Rhizome and Columbia University GSAPP Studio-X
  • A platform for showcasing and sharing ideas with expert communities and the public (to be developed in collaboration with members)