Participation in NEW INC’s program is by application only. The Open Call for our Year 6 Cohort will go live in Spring 2019. Sign-up to be notified when our Spring 2019 Open Call goes live:

We do have a few Community Memberships available for our Year 5 Cohort. See below to learn more about and apply to our Community Membership program.



NEW INC is a cultural incubator and professional development program founded by the New Museum to support new ideas and approaches to culture, technology, and business that strive for a more creative, diverse, and equitable future. Our goal is
to foster cultural value, not just capital value.


Spring 2019: Open Call TBA
Summer 2019: Accepted Applicants Notified
September 2019: NEW INC Start Date


Our annual program, which kicks-off each year in September, is designed to help creative practitioners and organizations leverage the tools of entrepreneurship to realize their ideas, become sustainable, and maximize potential for impact and scale. 

Participants pay a monthly membership fee to take advantage of professional development services, office space, and shared equipment. We also offer additional programming, mentorship, and an inspiring community of peers.  

NEW INC does not provide projects with funding, though we do provide guidance and support on grant applications, crowdfunding campaigns, investor pitches, and relevant connections in our network.


Track Membership

Geared towards projects that have a clearly-defined concept and strategy, and are ready to hit the ground running, Track Memberships offer the most hands-on support from NEW INC staff and external mentors. Track Members must fall into one of the four designated Focus Tracks (see below), which offer customized programming and mentorship opportunities tailored to each specific track.

• $600/month (per team member)
• 24/7 access to NEW INC
• Dedicated desk space for each team member
• Dedicated mentor for each team
• Priority access to all NEW INC programming and events
• Priority access to conference rooms/equipment/resources
• Requires 12-month commitment
• Must align with one of the designated Focus Tracks
• Requires active participation in the NEW INC community, professional development programs, and events

Community Membership

Community Memberships are open to all who are working on a new creative project or venture at the intersection of art, design, and technology (regardless of whether it aligns with the Focus Tracks identified for this year). Develop your idea in a thriving creative community that nurtures, supports, and inspires. Community Mmberships include part-time access to NEW INC and limited access to workshops, talks, and office hours with guest mentors.

• $400/month (per team member)
• 15 days/month access to NEW INC
• Access to communal desks
• Limited access to conference rooms, equipment, and resources
• 12 Mentor Office Hour Sessions over the course of the year
• Quarterly personalized consultations with NEW INC staff
• Requires 12-month commitment

We are currently accepting applications on a rolling basis for our Community Membership program.


Financial Assistance

NEW INC offers a limited number of scholarships and subsidies based on financial need, with an emphasis on supporting women and people of color. Applicants who need financial assistance will be asked to provide additional information as part of their application.




As the first museum-led incubator, NEW INC is interested in investigating the future of art museums. We are looking for new approaches and applications of emerging technology towards increasing audience engagement, improving the visitor experience, expanding reach, developing new approaches to storytelling, and inventing novel ways of supporting museums’ educational missions.



As the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds become increasingly blurred, we are interested in new studios, start-ups, or creative projects that are working with emerging technologies that enable immersive experiences. This may include augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), or interactive installations.


How can we imagine new applications for science and technology through the lens of art and design? This category is focused on investigating new approaches to or use cases for emerging tech like artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics, biotech, digital manufacturing, wearable technology, and more.



We believe in the power of art and culture to transform our cities and our communities, and to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing our society today. We are interested in projects that explore and reimagine how we address education, social justice, climate change, urban issues, and other social impact themes in a creative way. Projects may take the form of social enterprises, non-profits, or artistic projects.

Who Should Apply:

Our community is curated as an interdisciplinary ecosystem that represents a range of skills, backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. We believe that diverse environments and cross-disciplinary exchange yield better ideas and more resilient networks. Our community includes:

Independent Practitioners: Artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, writers, activists, administrators, researchers, scientists, etc. developing ambitious, experimental new work that investigates emerging technology and its influence on culture

Studios & Collectives: Teams working in design (graphic, mobile, web, product, architecture, fashion, animation, exhibition, etc.) and entertainment (interactive installations, VR, AR, gaming, experiential, performance, etc.)

Start-Ups: Early-stage non-profit, social enterprise, or for-profit organizations working at the intersection of culture and tech

What We Provide:

• 8,000 square-feet of shared workspace centrally located on the Bowery next door to the New Museum

• A professional development program geared towards creative professionals designed to help address entrepreneurial challenges such as fundraising, legal, product development, organizational structure, marketing & PR, and leadership skills

• Mentorship in the form of dedicated mentors and weekly one-on-one office hours with NEW INC staff, New Museum staff, and guest industry experts

• 4,000 square-foot fabrication space and shared equipment including 3D printers, a Trotec laser cutter, Canon cameras, projectors, large format printers, Othermill desktop CNC, and other tools

• Opportunities to present work at NEW INC's bi-annual Demo Day and various partner events



• We are looking for creative practitioners and new organizations with a clearly-defined project, product, or business idea that demonstrates novel ways of thinking and working

• Membership is open to emerging professionals not currently enrolled in an academic program

• Applicants must be US citizens or have the ability to secure a visa for conducting business in the US; NEW INC can provide letters of recommendation but cannot secure visas

• Individuals and small teams of up to four people


• Clear and compelling vision and purpose
• Original and timely idea
• Innovative approach to or use of technology
• Strong grasp of project feasibility and path to success
• Demonstrated track record of previous work
• A skillset complementary to the incoming cohort
• Good fit for NEW INC program focus and available resources
• Aligned with NEW INC's values of experimentation, collaboration, and social impact