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More dispatches from the surveillance state.


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The Rundown:

1. Google's AI powerhouse, Deep Mind is going international, and opening a lab in Canada. [The Verge]

2. This week in Google, take 2: Google takes its AI bet further with a new investment fund for startups working in machine learning. [Wired]

3. "Art is engaged at every level and in every way in this fight for justice" Agnus Gund speaks to the Armory Show on her Art for Justice Fund for incarceration system reform. [The Armory Show

4. RIP, Windows Phone. Mourn the end of an era at Microsoft as they shutter the support system for Windows Phone 8.1. [The Verge]

5. Also in AI: An ethics and governance of machine-learning/artificial intelligence fund commits $7.6 million to organizations that bolster civil society efforts around the world. [The Knight Foundation

6. A letter that Jane Austen hate-wrote about a book auctioned off for more than $200,000 at Sotheby's this week. [artnet News]

The Long Reads:

7. "Digital giants, in particular, have cleverly leveraged the Internet, so-called network effects, and big data to become hugely profitable while providing indispensable services—like free Web search and easy online shopping—and devices that have changed our lives." It Pays to be Smart, via MIT Technology Review

8. Podcast: AI Weiwei sits down with The New Yorker's editor-in-chief David Remnick for the Politics and More Podcast, and a brilliant chat on surveillance society ensues. Ai Weiwei Talks to David Remnick About Art, Censorship, and Twitter, via The New Yorker


Author: Annie Felix

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