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New York City’s MTA may be the overheated bane of the city’s summer commute, but that doesn’t make the ubiquitous transportation system any less iconic. And the aesthetics of that more than 100-year old system are as relevant as ever — the metro subway bench serves as the inspiration for the ongoing 2016 partnership between DKNY and NEW INC.

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The Lab @ Panorama

The Lab at NYC's inaugural Panorama Music and Arts Festival was an immersive an interactive exhibition dedicated to a new era of tech inspired artists. Unsurprisingly, NEW INC members were center-stage and we have the inside track on their projects that wowed festival-goers throughout the weekend.

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Blastosphere: Digital Art Becomes 3D Fashion

Check out the opening reception for Blastosphere, the mind-blowing, 3D-wearable experience that blurs the lines between virtual reality and the tangible world, while calling traditional notions of both art and fashion into question.

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